Dungeon Kinky House, Turku, Finland


This my own kinky realm in Turku, not far from the downtown area.

All used equipment and surfaces are washed and disinfected thoroughly after each customer visit, so you can enjoy your session in Kinky House with confidence - in capable hands.

Black Room

My dark and atmospheric torture chamber is furnished with versatile and comfortable furniture, giving you the chance to take a breather, perhaps even to relax during the session, if I give you permission to do that... I prefer causing your inconvenience and pain myself!

You may find yourself attached to a bondage chair, or x-cross. Two different kind of spanking benches are useful for many actions, not to mention a box in which you can be locked in... It's very convenient for trampling and CBT. A massive bondage table /cage crowns the room.

I am a sworn supporter of corporal discipline, so there is a bunch of suitable stuff for that! Crops, canes, paddles, floggers, clamps, gags, humblers, ropes etc. Generally speaking, all required equipment to train even the most stubborn male to a humble and obedient slave!

Red Room

This is a multipurpose room. Many of the fetish and bondage sessions are accomplished in more casual space than a torture chamber! The room also serves as a reception space, and here you are allowed to sit back and relax after the session.

Red Room is also the dressing room for cd/tv-ladies, with make-up table. Wigs, outfits, shoes and boots sized 11-15 for our girls.


This large and luminous clinic is suitable for all kinds of medical play. There are hospital beds, massage table and a clinic chair, and lots of authentic medical supplies in addition to a good selection of electric toys, butt plugs, pumps and forceps...

I, as the official cast clinic doctor have the cure for all your ailments. Ask for overnight clinic sessions! This naughty nurse will surely take good care of all patients.

Golden Room

I love to sit on my throne and watch you crawl at my feet, lick my soles and suck up my toes. A good foot slave really makes me purr... If you fail to keep me pleased, you will end up locked in cage and definitely feel it in your ass. See, it belongs to me like your whole body!

Back to school? Lessons for hard-headed scamps. I have the means to teach you decent manners, so you better sit upright in the school benches!


You may relax in the sauna after the session, according to your choice. Shower is available anyway.

Dungeon Kinky House, Turku, Finland SM-studio Kinky House, Turku Dungeon clinic Kinky House, Turku, Finland My Mistress Kinky House, Turku, Finland Kinky House, Turku, Finland