Dominatrix Mistress Mariella - Sessions


I’m very versatile Mistress, and I desire to try new things without restriction, except things that will cause you severe permanent injury. In sessions, I proceed with situation and mood. In my opinion, it’s the only way to get the best out of the session for both. I always improvise during the session, so if you have a complete manuscript in mind, I’m not your Mistress.

We will make an agreement of a safety word or sign, which will finish the session in case you find the situation too hard or painful to you.

My interests include but are not limited to the following:

- Inescapable bondage
- Corporal discipline; whipping, spanking, caning, slapping
- CBT (Cock and ball torture)
- Nipple torture
- Forced feminization and slut training
- Anal play, strap on training, fisting
- Verbal domination
- Electrical stimulation/torture
- Needle play
- Role play
- Trampling
- Ballbusting
- Medical play
- Face sitting/smothering (clothed)
- Dog training, pony/puppy play
- Humiliation
- Interrogation
- Sissy training
- Spitting

I can make you look like a cheap slut, or elegant lady. With make-up, and a wig you won't even recognize yourself. I have a nice collection of boots and shoes sized 11-15 for my girls.

If your own favorite has not been mentioned here, don’t be afraid to ask! There’s so many things that can be done. You don't have to scream of pain; your Mistress is a true ace when it comes to prostate massage... and that's exactly what our official cast clinic doctor recommends!

Types of play:
- Short (1h-3hrs), long (4hrs -24hrs) and overnight sessions, imprisonment


If you wish for a gentle, painless session, you can spend a nice moment with your Mistress in a fetish session. What turns you on? Nails? Shoes? Thigh high boots? Or maybe you would like to worship your Mistress’s long beautiful legs covered with a nice pair of stockings? Long gloves? Smoking?

I have a strong fetish for leather and PVC costumes and corsets.


No toilet games

Dominatrix Mistress Mariella
Price list, live sessions


1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is a thing in my sessions, that will not be ignored. Please be fresh and clean when arriving to appointment. You are allowed to be sweaty only after the session. In case I have to make you go to shower, the time you spend washing yourself will be decreased from your session time.

2. Arriving fidelity

When you are arriving to a session, you must be present exactly the time we have appointed. Not ahead of time, nor late. That's the only way to keep your, and other client's privacy protected! Not to mention good manners.

3. Intoxicants

Booze or drugs don't fit with BDSM. In case I notice you are under influence of some kind of intoxicants, you will not be allowed to enter the dungeon.