Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story

Adrian's story


The flight was long and hard, every second lasted a minute, every minute lasted an hour. I had driven along the E18 in a hired car from Helsinki and arrived at Turku. The sky was clear and the sun warm upon my face. Yet my body shook like it was minus 20 degrees. I pulled the car over and began to walk. I walked along Koulukatu, and then turned right into Puutarhakatu. I had no idea where She lived, I just knew She lived here. And more than that I knew I had to be here. A deep feeling of need and desire to serve Her consumed my thinking and my emotions, and had driven me to leave everything just for one moment in Her service!

The streets were quite empty but I studied the face of every passer-by. The two images of Her face forever printed on my mind, meant that when I saw Her, there would be no mistake. In the distance, I saw the figure of a beautiful long black-haired woman approaching, She walked with an authority and a confidence, could this be Her, could my years of searching finally be over? The sun shone low in the sky behind Her, I began to tremble inside, I could hardly see Her face yet, in my heart I knew it was Her. She glanced, over towards me, and my legs turned to water and I fell to my knees, with my head bowed down to the ground.

She stopped. Through the corner of my eyes I could see the long black boots and spiked heels of Mistress. Standing over me! There was a long pause, I heard the sound of people driving and walking by, but I was unable to move or to speak until Mistress had given me permission. It seemed like hours passed by. I could not believe that at last I was finally in the presence of Mistress Mariella. All my dreams, all my hopes and desires finally fulfilled.

Finally She speaks “what took you so long, slave?” “you have kept Mistress waiting, and for that you have to be severely punished.” “NOW kiss my boots slave!” I lift my head and begin to kiss Her boots. The sound of passers-by does not concern me, their opinion of me does not matter. The only thing that counts is Her: Her opinion, Her will, Her thoughts, Her desire. I am overwhelmed with a deep sense of peace, contentment and gratitude, I have discovered my destiny, my purpose in life, to be the property and the slave of Her.

I tremble at Her words. I have dreamt about this moment for months, rehearsing my words and my response. Imagining how I would feel when my knees finally bowed at Her feet. Yet in all my wildest dreams and deepest imagination I never prepared me for the sheer delight and utter contentment and fulfillment that I felt as I knelt before my Goddess, Mistress Mariella. As I kneel I remember that in my pockets I have carried my first two small gifts for Mistress. Prettily wrapped in paper and tied with loving bows, I pull each gift out of my jacket. They look a bit crumpled after my journey. It seemed a lifetime ago when I knelt in my lounge and wrapped them and kissed them in worship, before leaving Sheffield to start my journey into slavery in Finland!

I lay the two gifts on the ground at Her feet, and gently nudge them forward with my nose until they lay at Her feet. A smile comes over Her face. “I know what these are! well done slave!” She lifts the first parcel and with Her delicate and beautiful fingers, undoes the bow and opens the gift. Inside a finely crafted leather dog collar is revealed.

“Begging position slave” She orders. I kneel upright with my hands in a begging position and my head upward to Her face. With a gentle caress of my face she examines me, looks over me to see whether the object before Her is suitable to Her needs or worthy of Her attention. There is a silence and I know my whole future as Her property now hangs in the balance. I gaze towards the edge of her mouth to try and detect either the hint of a smile or my worst fear, the hint of displeasure!

“Lift your head! slave” She commands, and my whole being resonates with those words, a deep joy and contentment floods my heart. With delicate touch She places the collar around my neck, Her hands feel cool on my skin, and yet the faintest of touches, burns deep within me. She grabs my face under my chin and lifts up my face to gaze at Hers, I try to overt my eyes, but She forces me to look deep into Her eyes. I am lost, I spin and spin and spin. Floating on air lost in those beautiful and demanding eyes. I am unaware of the passer-by who sneers at me with contempt. I am unconcerned about the mother who tries to shield her children’s eyes from the scenario that is unfolding before them. I don’t hear the car horns sounding or the laughter from the young schoolgirls coming home from their studies.

She speaks “you are Mine now, slave, do you understand?” “yes Mistress” I reply.

The other gift is opened, and a beautiful dog lead is revealed. “exactly as I ordered, well done slave! She says. She grabs hold of my hair and pulls my face up towards the sky. “open your mouth, slave” She whispers. She stands closer to me, with Her right hand She pulls the hair from Her face as She looks down upon me. She opens her mouth and begins to spit in my face, I open my mouth as wide as I can to capture every last drop of Her honey.

She speaks “you must understand, now that all your rights, desires, needs and wants have from this moment been consumed and wholly been replaced by MY rights as your OWNER, MY desires as your MISTRESS, MY needs as Your GODDESS, and MY wants as your PRINCESS! “yes Mistress I do!” I reply!

Again with the gentlest of touches She attaches the lead to my collar, and says to me “it is time for Me to introduce you to your new home where you will spend the rest of your pitiful life in My service, as My maid, slave and personal servant” She snaps the lead down to Her knees and yanks me onto all fours and I begin to crawl along the ground behind Her, as we make our way to my new home. Mistress is in no hurry to get anywhere and stops to talk to passers-by and to browse in the local shops. All the time I crawl in silence with my head to the ground. After about an hour of being paraded down the streets of Turku, I eventually arrive with bruised and sore knees and hands at the front door of my new home.

This is what I have been waiting for all my life, everything I have ever needed or wanted has lead me to this point of complete surrender and submission to Mistress Mariella.

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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