Mistress dog slave story

Adrian's story


I crawl up the steps to Her front door. The door swings open to reveal the hallway and stairs of my new home. She pulls me through the doorway and I hear the sound of the door close behind me, I begin to think to myself "that could be the last time I am ever allowed to go outside" the overwhelming sense of being "owned" washes over me. Here I am in the home of my Mistress, my life-long ambition finally arrived, and I begin to wonder what will be in store for my future, what delights and tasks lay ahead. My head begins to fill with fanciful notions and self-centred imagination. In a moment my daydreaming runs wild, but it is rudely awakened, the air is filled with the sound of whistling as Her whip cuts through the air, and then the burning sting of Her whip across my back, sears with pain and agony!
"There will be no daydreaming in this job, boy. Am I understood?" She asks.
"yes Mistress Mariella" I reply.

The house is immaculate, every room shines like a brand new show-house. I have never seen any home look so clean and fresh. There are flowers in elegant vases around the room. The floor looks as if it has been scrubbed clean. The windows glisten like crystal. Newspapers are neatly tided and put away, and the air is filled with a fragrance and an air that can only be described as "regal" or "divine".

I have come into the courts of the GODDESS, a fearful and wonderful domain, whose power extends across the face of the globe, for I know Her influence is felt and respected across the continents of the world. men tremble at the sound of Her name, they fall to their knees and beg for an opportunity to serve and obey Her. And what I am, that one so unworthy and so feeble should be allowed access to Her courts. Other men envy me, I know I don't deserve to be where I am today, kneeling in Her Presence. The sense of gratitude and devotion floods my being. The house looks so incredible; I start to doubt myself, as to whether I have the ability to maintain the high standards of Her house. someone must have worked hard both day and night to keep the house in such an idyllic state. The hours of devoted housework, cleaning and tidying that must have gone in to present such a wonderful home.
Mistress says "come!" and begins to walk me down the hallway to the kitchen. "there is something you need to see!"

Cutting through my thoughts of what delights are in store, I here the sound of gentle sobbing coming from the kitchen. The door opens to reveal a clean and spotless kitchen full of the latest appliances and beautifully decorated. In the corner of the kitchen, curled up in a ball, shivering is a young man in his mid-twenties. He wears a collar and has his hands are handcuffed to a metal rail, fastened to the wall. There is a doggie bowl beside him full of half-eaten dog food. As I looked at him I notice the scars across his back, his backside and his legs. I don't know how long he had been a slave in the house of Mistress Mariella, but the scars and red marks indicated that She had to expend a lot of effort and energy on him to get the house to its current standard. I look and imagined the hours of relentless whippings and caning that that male creature had to endure at the hands of his Owner. The intense pain he must have felt and the utter shame in failing Her in his duties.
As I looked, She walked across the kitchen to him. I knelt in the opposite corner to where he lay curled up in a ball.

"ON YOUR KNEES, NOW!" She ordered
the wimpering boy knelt upright before Her. She unbound his hands from the rail, as he sobbed uncontrollably. With the same gentle fingers that had just an hour before had placed the dog collar on me, she gently removed the dog collar from him. he shook like a leaf as She removed it!

the collar dropped to the floor, suddenly She grabbed his hair violently, and began to pull him out of the kitchen, and pass me as I knelt watching these events unfold. he was dragged along like a rag doll, helpless and completely broken and surrendered to Her will. For a brief moment his eyes met mine, I saw a broken man, grieving like at the loss of someone he loved, I saw in his eyes immense regret and self loathing at his failure to obey his Mistress. Yet, also in that moment I detected in his eyes an intense envy towards me, he looked at me and I knew he longed with all his being to be allowed just to change places with me.

She dragged him down the hallway by his hair, "I told you this would happen if you ever willfully disobeyed ME, I wanted MY breakfast at 7.30am not at 7.35am. For such thoughtlessness and insolence, you have always known what would be the outcome. I have wasted too much time and have tried so hard to help you become the person you were really born to be. But your time here is over" With Her elegant left hand She open the door, with Her right hand She took a firm grip of his hair and threw his beaten and broken body down the steps onto the street "I will never hear from you or see you ever again! you have been UN-COLLARED AND DISMISSED!"

She closes the door gently, turns on Her heels a smile breaks across Her beautiful face, a smile of satisfaction and pleasure. She begins to slowly walk to the place where I am knelt, trembling at what I have just observed! As She walks, the sound of Her stiletto heels click on the hallway floor. She says slowly and menacingly as She approaches, "I require absolute……, unconditional……., devoted loyalty………. and obedience from you…….., slave adrian…….. If there is even a glimpse…….. of resistance……… from you……. or any hesitation ……..or reluctance…….. to obey ME immediately….. you now have seen the consequences……..Am I understood slave?" the words almost ecjoed in time with each step and click of Her stilettos.
I tremble as I reply "yes Mistress Mariella" I understand, I will not fail YOU!"

Mistress removes the dog lead from my collar and I crawl over to the far corner of the kitchen, I kneel beside the doggie bowl. She pushes my head to the ground and lifts my ever-yielding arms behind my back. The handcuffs that moments before had bound the hands of the whimpering boy clicked together behind my back and bound mine!. My heart missed a beat as I felt the cold steel biting into my skin, holding fast my hands to the metal rail in the kitchen.

She speaks "you need to eat. There is a lot of work for you to catch up on and you will need your strength" She lifts up Her right foot, beautifully encased in a thigh high leather boot with a exquisite 4 inch stiletto heel. With gentle firmness She places her boot on the back of my neck, and gently pushes my face into the doggie bowl. I begin to eat what is left in the bowl; I swallow and eat the meat and the jelly, overwhelmed with a sense of purpose and destiny. Now, after all these years of searching I have begun a journey of discovering all that I was destined to become, "a slave in the house of Mistress Mariella"
As I eat there is that familiar sound as Her whip cuts through the air, and then the burning sting of Her whip across my back.

She speaks "Stay here until I return with your uniform, and then I will dispose once and for all of those stupid male garments!" As She walks away I take a deep breath, to smell Her fragrance, to hold that moment in my memory until She returns. Out of the corner of my eye I see a glimpse of her lovely form, as She walks towards the door, the gentle curves of Her legs and thighs, the beauty of Her straight back and shoulders. The elegance of Her arms and legs. As my eyes look further up I am drawn in and captivated by the wonderful cascade of Her beautiful long black mane.

She knows! "EYES DOWN SLAVE! Concentrate on the task in hand! I won't tell you again!"

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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