Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story three

Adrian's story


My eyes quickly turn downward towards the bowl of dog food, as She leaves the room. There is silence! I pause for a second trying to take in all that is happening to me. Am I dreaming? Am I going to wake up in a moment and find myself backing that colorless, meaningless and pitiful existence back in England? I punch myself, in fear hoping that I will not wake up!

Then reality dawns…... it is true, I am here, in the service of my Beautiful, Superior Goddess and Owner, Mistress Mariella.

I look at the bowl of dog food and think this could be the only food I get for a long time, so I had better get used to it! I begin to finish the dog food off, the meat is cold and the jelly feels slimy in my mouth. I know I must show some gratitude to Mistress for allowing me to eat. So I begin to eat every last bit, it his hard to get down to the bottom of the bowl, with my hands bound so tightly behind my back, I feel my muscles begin to ache and my back becoming sniff as I stoop lower and lower to get the last bit of food. Every time I swallow it is a challenge, but I know I must show my gratitude to Mistress. The silver Doggie bowl is empty but I am determined to lick the bowl completely clean, so that it shines! I lick and lick and lick the bowl, it is very difficult because my face is still covered in bits of food form when She pushed my face into the bowl. Eventually I breath a sigh of relief the bowl is spotless and I can lie down without the strain on my back and arms.

In the distance I hear the footsteps of my Owner coming down the hallway. I bow down as low as I can get, with my forehead to the ground, trying to hold myself perfectly still, yet I begin to tremble inside as I hear Her stilettos click on the hard kitchen floor.

I really want Her to notice the clean Doggie bowl, so I nudge it with my nose. I want Her to notice my hard work and devotion, yet She is unconcerned and uncaring about my pathetic attempt to please Her.
“Kneel upright slave!” She commands. I respond quickly. I notice in her hand she is carrying a tape measure and a pair of surgical clothes. “Face to the floor!” She commands. And then begins to unbind my hands. “Stand up straight, shoulder back head up NOW!” She commands. I stand!

She begins to put on the surgical gloves, they are transparent and fit her hands tightly! Slowly and methodically she begins to inspect me, She places her hand on my chin and pulls open my mouth, roughly she pulls back my top lip to examine my teeth and gums. She grabs hold of my hair and looks over the face of Her new acquisition, prodding and pulling at the eyes and ears and nose. “HUH!” She sighs! “I suppose you do have a fairly decent face” She turns her attention to my chest and stomach, She squeezes and pushes my chest and nipples to see how they respond. I start to tremble at Her touch!

“TUT, TUT, TUT!” She says, you will have to do some work on that stomach, it is not as flat as I expect! She runs Her hands along my arms and legs, testing my muscles and tone of my skin! “well I am surprised! She says, so far you seem to be a fairly fit, healthy and strong male creature, and I suppose you may come in use after all!

“Lets see what we have here!” She says, with Her hand She begins to grab hold of my cock and balls, and begins to squeeze tightly! “Don’t move until you can no longer take it! This is your first real test, slave!” Mistress Mariella begins to squeeze and squeeze my balls, the pain is so intense I cannot bear it, I can hardly breath, everything within me wants to pull away but I know I can’t let Her down! She grabs them even harder twisting and gouging at them, my head starts to spin, I feel so light headed and dizzy. The pain is so intense; everything goes dark and I suddenly go blank and pass out!

When I come round, She is stood there towering over me, like the Goddess She is! “just as I thought… 4 out of 10 pain threshold. That is going to have to improve and improve quickly. I really can’t have you pass out every time I want to entertain my friends now, can I?” “Although, you fainting will be amusing once or twice, it is really going to be embarrassing, if we have to sit around and wait for you to “come round” before we can carry on with the show!” as I lie there She passes the Tape measure around my waist, around my chest and measure my shoe size.

“on your feet, slave!” She commands. I stand! She gets the handcuffs again and binds my hands behind my back. She goes over to the kitchen cupboard and brings out three cookery books. She stands in front of me and gently places all three cookery books on my head! “Now, keep perfectly still until I return, if these books fall to the ground, I will be very very angry, and this is “no game!” it is to help you with your deportment.

She leaves the room, and I stand motionless, hardly daring to breath, my head is still spinning from the fainting and I fear that I will drop the books if I am not careful! The moments pass by, as I stand in silence and motionless. Eventually I hear Her footsteps coming towards me again.

In Her hands She is carrying a huge box, which She places on the kitchen table. Gently removing the books and unbinding my hands She commands “in this box is your new uniform, that you wear on Tuesdays. You will wear everything in this box and you will dress smartly and appropriately in my service. But first of all you, must have a wash, and get yourself completely clean. I want you to scrub yourself really hard so that you are presentable!” “And one more thing” She continues, all that body hair must now be removed, and I mean everything, and you must shave the hair from your head, except for your eyebrows. you will use these wax strips to wax your body, including your backside, ball sack, chest legs arms and back. You are to smooth for your Mistress. I will return in an hour and expect you full waxed, dressed and ready to serve, am I understood? “Yes Mistress!” I reply.

She turns and walks towards the door “ONE HOUR slave!”

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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