Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story

Adrian's story


I walk as gracefully as I can to the Kitchen. The skin on my backside burns and glows red with heat from the strokes of the riding crop. Even the silky smooth knickers and cool French maids outfit offer no relief from the burning. I thought to myself how grateful I am and how much I respect Mistress Mariella for taking the time to correct me. I know I can trust Her, and I know that every time She punishes me, it is only because I need it to grow as a slave and become a better person.

I often think back to the days when my only experience of being enslaved was from a few old crumpled Sadie Stern magazines that I kept hidden under my bed. All my boyhood fantasies and deepest desires could never have prepared me for the breathtaking delight and joy of being Owned by Mistress Mariella.

I scurried off to the kitchen to begin to prepare the meals for this evenings entertainment. The best of wine, a wonder selection of gourmet cuisine freshly prepared for My Mistress’s Pleasure. I knew that cooking would be an essential part of my new life in the House of Mistress Mariella, so I was glad for the classes at night school that I had attended for the past 18 months. I had learnt so much about food and presentation, which I was so happy to put to good use, in order to bring Mistress pleasure.

The table was set, each knife, fork and spoon was polished and rubbed until spotless. Each wine glass was immaculately clean. The candles were lit and background music was gently playing in the background. I looked over the sight of the room and a glimmer of pride filled my heart, I knew I had done a good job, and all this was for Her and Her Pleasure. And that made everything so much better, but at the same time a fear filled my heart…. I dare not let anything go wrong, I checked the layout again… it had to be perfect for Mistress.

On my way back to the kitchen to check on the food I noticed that Mistress had left a box in the hallway, with the words “clothes for tonight” written in Her own elegant handwriting. I gently picked up the note, and carefully folded the paper over and tucked it away safely down my stocking leg. These little notes we so precious to me, they are like discovering a nugget of gold.

Inside the box was a white tuxedo, with a bow tie and black shoes. After one final check on the food I began to hurriedly get changed. I pulled down my silky knickers. Slipped off my black high heels, unclipped my suspender belt and rolled down stockings. My skin was still so sore after my beating. I unzipped my maids dress and let it slowly fall to my knees. I was going to miss wearing that tonight I thought. It had so quickly become part of me and I have always found myself more servile and more compliant whilst wearing beautiful female clothes. But things had matured now and I had to grow up. It does not matter anymore what I wear, the only thing that matters is unconditional, completely and immediate obedience. I quickly pulled on the tuxedo. It felt so different to the maids uniform. I felt more like a man, yet my heart still burned to serve Her and to worship Her and to lay at Her feet.

Mistress Mariella walked down the hallway, her heels clicking on the hard floor. My heart jumped with excitement and with fear. I knew everything had to be perfect. I knew what high standards Mistress had and that She did not suffer fools gladly. I had seen with my own eyes how she had discarded the young sniveling boy, and thrown him out on the streets, never to return to Her service. And more than anything the fear of Her displeasure scared me more than anything else. She paused outside the dining room and glanced inside. I felt her eyes scan the room. I held my breath, Mistress seemed to take long moments examining the scene. I listened so intently to Her breathing to see if I could detect pleasure or anger.

She turned towards me, and fixed my eyes with a cold dark stare, my world began to crumble, a dark cloud of foreboding flooded my heart, “I have failed Her” I thought. I cast my eyes down to the ground about to fall to me knees to beg Her for mercy, when slowly and steadily She breathed “well done, slave” “you can come and show your gratitude, now!” I fell to my knees and crawled towards Her feet. I paused at her feet! “gratitude, slave, NOW!” he commanded. I bend forward and with deep devotion kiss each boot twice, “thank You Mistress”. The leather tastes sweet on my lips and as I kneel there at the feet of my Mistress and Owner, I feel so at peace. It is as if was born to serve Her, it feels so natural, so right, so fitting for me to be subservient to all females, but especially to Mistress Mariella.

I know that very soon Mistress Mariella's guests will be arriving, so I hurry back to the kitchen and make the final preparations and presentations with the food. Three guests are due tonight, Mistress Alexia, Mistress Sasha, and a young inexperienced Domme, Mistress Sarah, whom Mistress Mariella has taken under Her wing to nurture, develop and inspire.

There is a knock on the door...

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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