Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story

Adrian's story


Mistress Mariella stood to receive Her guests. Her tall commanding presence filled the hallway. My eyes glanced towards Her, awaiting Her nod to open the door. As I looked into Her eyes, my heart skipped a beat. I still could not believe how lucky I was, how fortunate I was. To be allowed to be owned by Mistress Mariella. Mistress glances towards me and nods. I open the door to receive Her guests. Mistress Alexia, appears first, Her long auburn hair, cascading down Her back. Mistress Sasha then stands before me formidable and powerful with Her fine features and beautiful brunette hair and then the young Mistress Sarah steps through the door with Her petite figure and mass of long ringletted blonde hair. I close the door behind them. And sink to my knees. Starting with Mistress Alexia, I kiss each of their feet, as a fitting welcome to the home of my Mistress and Owner. I stand to my feet and take their coats from them, as they greet Mistress Mariella. Mistress Sarah, looks a little nervous and a little excited in the presence of Mistress Mariella, and she carries in Her hand a gift for Mistress. After hanging up their coats, Mistress Sarah clicks her fingers and I kneel before Her, without looking at me she hands me Her gift. I take it and crawl to the feet of my Mistress, and offer it to Her.

"Come through" Mistress says inviting Her friends through to the dining hall. I wait and then begin to crawl behind them. One by one I pull each of their chairs back and get them seated. I pour the wine. As the Mistresses begin to chat and laugh together. As I am serving the wine, Mistress opens Her gift. Inside the box are pieces of wood joined together with a hinge on one edge and a lock on the other end. The length is about 12 inches and about 5 inches wide. It has a small oval shaped hole in the middle and looks like a mini set of stocks. Mistress Sarah looks towards Mistress and says with a smile "It's my latest purchase, I call it 'the Humbler'" Mistress smiles, "I am sure we can try it out later, it looks like fun, thank you Sarah. In fact I have a new item installed in my dungeon, that I would like to show to you all later. I call it my Star WallRack, it has 5 chains and collars for ankles, wrists and neck all of which are remote controlled separately... Up, back, in and out, so I can get them exactly where I want them." "Sounds wonderful" said Mistress Sasha. "can't wait to try it out", added Mistress Alexia.

The meal went well. The starter, main course and deserts we all pleasing to Mistress and Her friends. Once all the food and wine had been consumed, I began to clear away all the dishes and cutlery to the kitchen. I love serving. I love being invisible, just quietly serving without being heard, seen or noticed. Why should I get any attention? I know that I am nothing, insignificant and worthless. I am just so happy when I can make Mistress happy, when all I do is to enhance the reputation and honour of my Mistress. I live to do all I can to promote and bring respect to my Mistress. The Mistresses take their places in the lounge, relaxing and reclining after the meal. There is a mountain of pots, pans and dishes to do in the kitchen, but my first priority is to wait upon my Mistress and Her friends. I enter the lounge on my knees with my head bowed. The white tuxedo is still clean and spotless.

"Now slave, I want you to worship Mistress Sarah and grovel at Her feet" commands Mistress. I crawl to the feet of the young Mistress and begin to lick and kiss her shoes. I feel the eyes of my Mistress on me as I worship at the feet of Mistress Sarah. " Stop now slave" Mistress commands. "Well Sarah? Has he done a good job? Shall we reward or punish?" "hhmmmmm? Punish him, Mistress Mariella. He was pathetic! "Well done Sarah," Mistress replies "now where did I put your gift 'the Humbler?" Here it is! "Stand up slave!" Mistress commands. "Strip!"

In front of all the Mistresses I take off my clothes and stand naked for them to inspect. " A fine specimen" commented Mistress Alexia, "Yes. I agree" added Mistress Sasha, "a good acquisition" Turning to Mistress Sarah, Mistress Mariella says "why don't you come and show me how this 'Humbler' works Sarah?" Mistress Sarah, stands and walks towards me. She picks up a pair of surgical gloves and pulls them on. She stands beside me. Her small petite stature disguises the strength and dominance of this fledgling Mistress. "BEND! .." She orders and I begin to bend over. As I begin to bend forward She grabs the back of my neck and pushes my head down "we have not got all day!" She shouts. I bend over, almost touching my toes. "HOLD!" She commands."HOLD STILL!" Mistress Mariella smiles to see her young student growing in confidence so quickly! Mistress Sarah walks behind me and picks up the Humbler. Placing her surgical gloved hand on my back She pushes me further forward and down. With Her right hand she reaches between my legs and takes a firm grip of my balls. "This is the difficult part" Mistress Sarah says to Mistress Mariella, "but at least I am wearing gloves!" She smiles.

With a tightening grip around my balls She pulls them backwards and downwards. She them so tight. I feel breathless and my head starts to spin. I yield to Her touch and control. With Her left hand Mistress Sarah, picks up the Humbler. And clamps it around the base of my ballsack and the wood fits behind my thighs. My balls are held tight behind the wood and I am unable to stand straight. I feel my balls glowing red. I can't move... Mistress Sarah stands back and parades around me... There is a ripple of applause around the room. With the gentlest of touches She pushes me to the floor. The jolt of hitting the floor moves the Humbler. And I squeal in pain. I kneel with my face to the ground. With the Humbler pulling my balls back to a very exposed and vulnerable place. The room echoes with laughter.

Mistress Alexia lifts up a riding crop elegantly fashioned in leather, and turns to Mistress Mariella and asks, "May I?" "of course, be my guest!" Mistress replies. Mistress Alexia stands up and steps over may trembling body. She stands astride me with the calf of her boots tightly clasped around my sides. She is facing the Humbler and from Her vantage point can clearly see and access my red and vulnerable balls.

The skin is tight around by balls. The sensations are heightened, as the air is cut and the room is filled with the whistling of the whip as it cuts into my balls. I yelp and yelp in pain. And the room is full of laughter and the giggles of the Mistresses. Again and again Mistress Alexia drives the whip into my balls. I cry out in pain. Mistress Alexia stands to one side and continues to thrash my poor exposed balls until they are purple and blue and swollen in pain. Mistress Mariella stands on my other side, with a long bullwhip in Her hand. She pulls the tip of Her whip through Her fingers and steps back. She brings the whip down hard on my back. Such sweet delight to be punished by Her.

They take it in turns, Mistress Alexia working on my balls and Mistress Mariella cutting into my back with the elegance and dominance She possesses. Mistress Sasha joined in. She lifted up her 4-inch stiletto boot and placed the heel and sole of the boot on my neck and pushed my face to the ground and pinned it there. Mistress Sarah placed Her Shoe in my face and with every stroke and whip I kissed the beautiful feet of Mistress Sarah. My heart belonged to Mistress Mariella. I completely belonged to Her. She is my life, my all, my world. I exist only because of Her. I exist only because She allows it. My life has no meaning or purpose without Her. The whipping intensifies. The strokes get hard and the punishment more sustained. Blow after blow. Stroke after stroke echoed with the laughter of my superiors. Mistress Mariella begins to drive Her whip harder and harder and my head starts to spin. I try with all my strength to keep conscious but the pain is so intense and then the world then black. I pass out into unconsciousness...

I am left lying on the floor. After a few minutes I awake. My head is pounding and my body burns. I am released from the humbler and Mistress Mariella, turns to Mistress Sarah, and says "well done Sarah I really like it!" "thank You Mistress Mariella, I am pleased!" Mistress Sarah replies.

Mistress Mariella takes her guests out of the lounge and down to Her dungeon. I crawl behind them, still dazed and confused. The Dungeon is dark and decorated in red and black with a whole array of implements and devices designed to completely break and mold even the most arrogant and willful of male egos. On the wall is Mistress's Star WallRack. Mistress grabs me by my ear and throws me on the floor beside the Star wallRack. Each collar for my wrists, ankles and neck is clamped around me. I feel the coolness of Her skin against mine, and I am filled with such contentment and such peace. Oh how I love my Mistress. I surrender gladly and willingly to Her control.

Once the collars are in place, Mistress stands back and picks a remote control. The other Mistresses gather around Her. Each button controls each collar and chain. Slowly I am wound back to the wall. Powerless to resist the tug of the machine. The collars click into place into slots along the wall. I am bound, helpless and unable to move. Mistress Mariella plays with the remote control. My arms are stretched up high. My legs are spread apart and then pulled back together. My ankles are then lifted up off the ground and held in place. My neck collar and wrist collars are then slowly lowered, easily holding my weight until I am suspended 6 inches off the ground face down. My back is arched. With my face just inches from the ground. Mistress Mariella walks towards me and places Her boots under my face. I strain forward to kiss them. My heart floods with gratitude. The collars are wound back to the applause of the other Mistresses. And I am released. The Mistresses decide it is time to leave and I dutifully kiss each Mistresses foot as they leave. The door finally closes and Mistress stands before me. She looks down on me, and smiles. How I live for that smile. Oh how I yearn just to Please Her. Life is wonderful in Her service and to see Her smile is sweet reward.

Mistress Mariella turns on her heels and retires to Her bedchamber. As She walks away I gaze longingly at Her. I know I shouldn't but to see Her beautiful form, Her elegant legs and Her wonderful long black hair. I kneel and I truly worship Her, my whole being pours itself out in worship to this amazing Goddess who has in her mercy chosen to own me. Me? Why me? Why have I been chosen, I am so unworthy of the position in which I now live. She has been so kind to me I am overwhelmed by such generosity.

She pauses, "eyes down, slave! Breakfast 7.30 sharp!" "Yes Mistress Mariella.... Thank You" I reply. My thanks are not just words. They are sincere and heartfelt. I was born to belong to Her. My purpose in life is to serve Her. And after such a long foolish journey of resistance, at last I found myself in Her service, content and complete at last. There was no time to loose. I had to clear away the dishes, tidy up, nurse my wounds, prepare breakfast and get into my cage in the kitchen before the timing locks close on the door at midnight.

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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