Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story

Adrian's story


There was no time to lose. I walked still naked to the kitchen; the pain across my body was still intense. It was strange, but every time I felt the pain from the bullwhip or crop, it made me feel so happy. The blows and marks I had received from the hand of My Mistress seemed like fine jewels that I had been privileged to wear. I was so proud, because the punishment had not been required because of some failure or disobedience on my part, but rather because it amused and brought pleasure to my Mistress and Her friends. No punishment should be distained by a slave if it brought happiness to the Mistress who dispensed the harsh treatment.

The kitchen was full of pots and dishes. I tied a small frill lace apron around my waste. Wincing as I tied the cord around my back, across a red welt from the bull whipping I received from the wonderful Mistress Mariella. The cool material felt nice and soft against my red skin. I finished the dishes and tidied up the kitchen. On the table was another box. I wanted to look inside but I resisted the temptation. The house was clean, the windows closed, doors locked and curtains drawn. Time was running away and I knew I had to be quick. I took a slow walk around the house, just to make sure every ornament, every cushion was in place, exactly as Mistress Mariella requires. I breathed a deep sigh; I untied the apron and hung it back up.

In the corner of the kitchen is a small door that looks like a cupboard. On the outside of the door is a small timer attached to a locking device. Inside was a small wire cage 100 cm long by 50 cm wide by 50 cm high. I knew that at 12 midnight the door lock would open and I then had five minutes to get into the cage and close the door before it re-locked.

In the morning the timer was set for 5.30am and again I knew I would only have 5 minutes to wake up, get out my cage and close the door. I knew that if Mistress came down during the night and found that the cage door was not securely closed. Or if I should sleep in for just 5 minutes I would be locked in, and the best I could ever hope for or expect would be the most severe of chastisements. But in reality, self-centeredness of that magnitude would result in instant dismissal from the service of Mistress Mariella. Fear of dismissal, more than the cold or the discomfort would keep me in a shallow sleep most of the night.

I was satisfied with the house and it cleanliness. And I waited in the kitchen, planning out the breakfast and the day ahead. The timer clicked, and the door swung open. There was no room to turn inside the cage, and I always preferred to sleep with my head near the door so i would hear the click of the timer at 5.30am. I got down on all fours and crawled backwards into my cage. The wire floor cut into my knees and hands as I backed into the cage. As I begin to curl up, I run through a mental checklist in my head one more time. Making sure I have completed all the tasks for the day. Inside the cage is a bowl of water and a rough blanket made out of an old coal sack. I curl up into a tight ball and pull the blanket around me. The wires form criss-cross patterns on my back as I lay still.

I pull the cage door closed and I am plunged into absolute darkness. I wait in the darkness alone with my thoughts, hearing only my heart beating and my lungs breathing. After a few minutes the cage door timing locks clicks into place. I feel secure, I feel safe. I pull the blanket around me and I feel truly thankful that Mistress Mariella has been so kind to me. I know I don't deserve even to have a blanket. I know I could be sleeping in the kennel in the garden, which would have been awful. But worse still, I could be still trapped in my colourless, lifeless vanilla world.

I stay curled up in my cage, and remember, how much time I wasted, living a half-life. I shudder when I think of it. The hours of dreaming of servitude were over and this new day this new chapter in my life had finally dawned. I try to sleep, sweet contentment flooded my mind. I was so excited about what tomorrow would hold. Each night reminded me of being a child on christmas eve. Waiting with enthusiasm and excitement about the treats that lay ahead of me. I could not wait to open the box on the table and see what outfit Mistress has chosen for me. I cannot wait to serve Her again. I cannot wait to do something again to make Her happy. I smile to myself...."what a wonderful life I now have, I am so lucky!"

My eyes get heavy and I drift of to sleep...

To be continued...

Written by slave Adrian

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