Domina Mistress Mariella - Adrian's story

Adrian's story


'Click' the door lock opens. It only seems like a minute since I finally got to sleep. I remember how often I used to roll over and press the snooze on my alarm clock. How often I used to snuggle back down under my duvet for another 30 mins.. But those days had gone, how tired I felt or what I wanted was no longer relevant or important. The only thing that mattered or existed was the will of my Owner, Mistress Mariella.

I caught myself daydreaming. I panicked, not knowing how long I had been daydreaming. I quickly got out the cage and straightened the blanket and pushed to door closed. Even the early morning sunshine was bright in my eyes. I squinted as I looked around the kitchen. I made sure the cage door was closed and I knelt beside the door until it locked again.

I stood up and stretched my back. I walk out to the room that I knew as my bathroom. The floor was cold and hard. Cold water only came from the taps. The coldness awakened my senses and I soon became wide-awake. Shivering as the cold water flowed over me. I shaved and washed myself completely clean. After I was satisfied that I was clean I walked towards the box on the kitchen table. I paused before the box. My heart skipped a beat in anticipation. I slowly pulled open the box. To reveal the uniform Mistress had chosen for me.

The colours of navy blue and white struck me. I pulled out a cotton blouse. A navy v-neck jumper and short pleated navy skirt and a navy and white-stripped school tie. Underneath was the foundation wear of padded bra, in black silk and lace, black silk knickers suspender belt, stockings and black stilettos. Below them was a blonde wig with two pigtails either side. And below that were the make-up and the false nails and the earrings and necklace.

I stood in front of a mirror in my bathroom and slowly saw the ugly male worm slowly transform into a pretty schoolgirl. I was unfamiliar with the application of make-up and it took me several attempts to get the foundation lipstick and eyeliner and eye shadow right. Once the make up was done I slipped on my silky knickers. And bra and stockings. The soft fabric felt so smooth and cool against my skin. I stepped into the short pleated navy skirt and pulled it around me. The cotton blouse slipped effortlessly over my head. I pulled on the jumper and tied the school tie. I put my heels on and then the pigtail wig. As I looked in the mirror I almost did not recognise myself. I almost looked pretty.

I made sure I was looking the best I could and I headed for the back door. I left as quietly as I could. The morning air was fresh and the sky clear. I tried to walk properly in the high heels. Remembering to slowly place one foot directly in front of the other, allowing my hips to swing slightly as I walked. I made sure my posture was correct as I walked down the main street towards the newsagent and the bakery. Both of them opened early and men like me coming in was no surprise. I collected a fresh newspaper and magazine from the newsagent. When the girl behind the counter saw me, she just looked through me as if I did not exist. Mistress's newspapers and magazines were pre-ordered and I was just the carrier. Similarly when I went to the bakery Mistress Mariella's order was ready for collection. I picked it up and walked back to the house. I caught a glimpse of myself in each shop window as I walked by. Some people stopped to look at me but many simply ignored me.

I returned back to the home of Mistress Mariella. And prepared her breakfast tray for Her. The tray was covered in a fine linen cloth. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice stood in the corner. A small vase with a single red rose took centre stage at the top. A small cafeteria with freshly ground coffee stood on the top left hand corner, with cream and a cup and saucer tucked tightly around it. Fresh bagels and croissants with preserves and butter filled the centre space, with the newspaper and the magazine either side. The newspaper is neatly folded and is crisp and sharp.

My eyes looked over the tray, each item in its exactly prescribe position. I know Mistress has an eye for detail, and everything needs to be perfect. Everything I do to serve Mistress is act of devotion and gratitude. Being average or adequate would never be enough for Mistress, neither would it be fitting to bring to Her anything but the best. She must always receive the best from me, all that I am and all that have belongs to Her, and therefore She must always be first and always have the best from me and of me.

I looked at my clock 7.20am it was time to take Mistress breakfast to Her bedchamber. I got down on my knees and began to crawl with the breakfast tray in my hands. I crawled steadily out of the kitchen, careful not to spill a drop onto the linen cloth. I crawl along the hall on my elbows and knees. I start to feel warm under my school jumper, but I love to coolness around my thighs as the air circulates under my skirt and around my stocking tops and knickers. I have always been a submissive, and always enjoyed serving my superiors but I had to admit wearing such feminine clothes made me feel more submissive and more compliant. It is as if the delicate 'girlie' clothes drained away the last drop of 'the Alpha male" psyche from my being. Dressed like this I knew I would do anything to please Mistress.

I began to navigate the stairs. Slowly I placed each elbow on the carpeted stairs then each knee was brought up, until I steadied myself. It would have been easier to carry it standing on my feet. But starting my day with this degrading, humiliating and surrendered attitude was important to remind me of how low and how insignificant I really am to Mistress. It is an honour to serve Her but I must always remember who and what I am, and humble myself before my Mistress.

I crawl along the landing to the chamber of my Mistress. I pause outside the room. I feel so wonderful dressed as a schoolgirl. Kneeling on my elbows and knees, with my skirt hanging down around my waist. With my forehead I gently knock on the door. After a few moments hear Mistress say "come!" I push the door with my head and crawl towards Her Bed. With my head and eyes continually facing the ground I pause at the edge of Her bed. I lift the try above my head and hold it up for Mistress to inspect.

After a few moments Mistress lifts the tray out of my hands.

With my head bowed low I crawl backwards towards the ensuite bathroom. On entering the bathroom I begin to run a bath for Mistress. I mix in the finest of spices and fragrances. I make sure the bath is the perfect temperature and I lift up the bathrobe and drape it over my shoulder and begin to crawl back towards the bed. Again I pause and wait for Mistress to lift the bathrobe off my back. The room is filled with Her Fragrance. It is the greatest of privileges to be allowed to be so close to Mistress. I hear Her Move. Out of the corner of my eye I see Her feet swing out of the bed.

"Eyes down, slave!" she says. She puts on the bathrobe and walks to the ensuite bathroom. I crawl behind Her. With my eyes to the ground I see the bathrobe fall to the ground, and I hear Mistress step into the bath. I pick up the bathrobe and kneel in the corner.

"Looking nice today slave. I like you like that!" Mistress says. "Thank You Mistress, I long to please You!" I reply.

After 20 minutes I hear Mistress say "ROBE!" I stand to my feet and hold the bathrobe open for Her. My eyes are down, yet I sense her eyes are on me, I feel Her power and authority. I wrap the robe around Her catching a breathtaking glimpse of her long black hair. All within me wants just to worship Her for the Goddess She is. I know she is worthy of my worship and i know that I only exist because She allows it, I know that I breathe only because She permits it, I know my life only has meaning because She gives it meaning. Mistress walks into Her bedroom. I fall to my knees and begin to crawl back the landing. Turn and pull the door closed behind me. I crawl downstairs back to the kitchen. In the corner is my breakfast. A bowl of water and a doggie bowl full of dog food. My stomach aches to be fed and carefully, so as not to ruin my make up I begin to bite into the jelly and meat sat waiting for me in the bowl.

Breakfast complete and the bowl clean and spotless. I kneel and wait for my Mistress to summon me. Another day in the service of Mistress Mariella has begun. All I know is that today I must obey Her. Today I must serve Her. Today I must please Her.

Mistress Mariella is my Goddess, my Mistress, my Owner my All..

Written by slave Adrian

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